"As artist creativity to me as no boundaries. While I was looking to so artwork I always wondered what could it be if this could be a piece of clothes?

From that thought the desire to create something different from what we saw started to emerge in me."

Fashion was and still "in my skin" but I desired to set free my creativity by mixing bot of my passion, fashion to painting. Most of the jackets below are unique and handmade painted with exceptional textures! This new concept is my way to express my vision by breaking . Especially when the moment to try them on arrives!


Please note that all the pieces you buy as an original can not be worn as a usual jacket. Each creation is considered as pieces of art. To be able to wear one of my design a pre-order is necessary. I will personally be in touch with you and discuss your desire to let me produce the pieces of your dream! find out more


Devil skin

"Man often looks at his rating forgetting to worry about moving forward."

Inspired by "Burned" painting

Hichem Hamererras Toure

Bloody Veins

"Bravery is not in actions. But in the bottom of thought of these."

Inspired by "Troma" painting

Hichem Hamererras Toure

Acid Dimension

"Attraction is dangerous when linked to conceited pleasure."

Inspired by "Acid Addiction" painting

Hichem Hamererras Toure


"The fateful illusion of an idealized universe often comes down to an ephemeral practice"

Inspired by "Runaway" painting

Hichem Hamererras Toure

"It was a time gone. Past memories dismantled by confusing emotions."


Inspired by "Confusing Emotions" painting

Hichem Hamererras Toure

Time Master

"Time is the perception of a limit. The definition of a restriction or freedom."

Inspired by "Time Traveller" painting

Hichem Hamererras Toure



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