Technology being predominant nowadays, I find it important that art adapts to this evolution which started a few years ago now. Whether by adapting original works in graphic format, integrating living paintings on videos, or even in the background for music streaming, art is integrated everywhere and just needs to evolve.


With Vision Art London, I develop different collaborative artistic projects and events*. The projects are turned towards the creation and organization of Immersive Gallery* events in London. The inpiration I have for those exhibition is the future of the humanity. Feeling emotion is the best wait to question it. That is why I want to transport you into another dimension and discover a new way to appreciate and common thoughts. 

29/08/2020 until 01/09/2020

at Hoxton Arches - London

APOS exhibition
APOS exhibition
APOS exhibition
APOS exhibition
APOS exhibition
APOS exhibition
APOS exhibition


opened eyes

“It is a time where the world has changed. The universe as we knew it developed a new species of human being or are they even human. “V’ is one of them. All started with a nightmare and concretised by voices in his head.”

Video in collaboration with Alix Grellier ( motion designer, Paris).

Outfits: Vision Art London


(*) Covid-19 may affect the events for the year 2020. We are waiting for further information from the government. For now all the event projects are on hold.



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