Chapter I: opened eyes

A video in collaboration with Mss. Alix Grellier, motion designer in Paris.



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This video represents a spirit that I would like to see grow over time in the Vision Art project. Art has a wide range of activities and in my eyes they must evolve and complement each other. Today it is no longer enough to create, but to make these works accessible to a large audience and in a new way.


Technology being predominant nowadays, I find it important that art adapts to this evolution which started a few years ago now. Whether by adapting original works in graphic format, integrating living paintings on videos or even in the background for music streaming, art is integrated everywhere and just needs to evolve.


For this, I develop collaborations with artists, surely like you, who would like to work in a collaborative spirit and create new ideas together. Today visual art is no longer a closed world, it is accessible and above all different from the past.


With Vision Art London, I develop different collaborative artistic and event projects * and invite you to join me in the adventure! The projects are more often turned towards the creation and organization of Afterwork Gallery * events in East London. But also photo shooting, musical recording and others.


Are you interested? Do you think you would like to develop a project in art or present your works? Send me an email at
so that we can discuss it!

(*) Covid-19 may affect the events for the year 2020. We are waiting for further information from the government. For now all the event projects are on hold.



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